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Online cake for your family and relatives

A surprise gift is always a good option, but sometimes it becomes really difficult to decide what to send on birthday or anniversary to friends and family. Nowadays the best option of the online gift is delivering a cake at someone’s doorsteps and people admire it the most and also it is simple to send cake than to send a materialistic gift. Making others happy gives a great satisfaction so doesn’t lose any opportunity to do that. If your family stays away from you or your brother’s sister then send them a delicious cake on their birthday and anniversary to make them realize how important and precious they are. Getting a wonderful online delivery on special makes everyone happy.

Find perfect cake for every occasion

At Pozo, you will find an endless variety of cakes that are best suited for every occasion. Your choice might end but our options will not. We understand that all occasions are different and require a different type of cake so we have specialized cake for every celebration. Pozo delivers the cake which looks gorgeous and tastes amazing and is quite popular in Tricity.
  • Birthday cakes: A birthday is a day that is full of excitement and enjoyment for the guests and is one incomplete occasion without cutting a cake. Getting together and cutting the cake and celebrating together is always the best moment that one can cherish for life, but what about people who live far off. For them, online delivery of the cake is the best and the most appropriate option. Order by sitting at home and make a delivery at the doorstep of the people you love the most but cannot go to them for their birthday. We have special birthday cakes that you can opt to order in various flavors and designs. Our cakes will make your loved one joyful and will make him\ her special.
  • Anniversary cake: Anniversaries are special occasion which reminds you of the years of happiness with your beloved wife or husband. To celebrate this beautiful moment gift your wife or husband a beautiful personalized photo anniversary cake. The sweet tastes of our cake and the beautiful design made by our chef will make your celebration more beautiful. We have all the cakes that can be in the favorite list of your partner starting from chocolate cake to special red velvet cake. We care about you and your partner’s happiness.
  • Baby shower cake: The most special moment in a couple’s life is when they have a baby. Baby completes a family and this cause for a grand celebration. Celebrations cannot be completed without having a cake cutting ceremony. The footprints of a baby never fail to brighten up the hearts of people; Pozo has special cakes for your baby shower so that you can welcome your baby with a blast at your home. We would love to be a part of such an occasion by giving our small contribution through the cake.
  • Cakes for appreciation: A simple thank you is never enough to appreciate anyone; we always need to do a little extra to appreciate them for their love and support. Pozo will help you to resolve this issue of doing a little extra. We have a range of cakes that can be presented with that extra note of Thank you. Even if the person you want to thank is away from you and settled in the Tricity then send them the cake online and appreciate them for their work and make them feel special. Whether it is plum cake or Dark royal cake we have every variety of cake for your special person.
  • Cake for special someone: Love is a special feeling that makes you feel alive and connected to a person you want to spend your life with. Love can be expressed in various ways, but the best way to express love is through a sweet cake of your loved one’s favorite flavor. We have a variety of designer cakes with exotic flavors that will be loved by that special person. If that special person stays a little away from you then you can use our online shop and deliver the cake of your choice to that person and make them realize how precious they are for you. We do have the cakes that are in heart shape, they can be preferred by you. Make your online order and express your love to the specific person.
  • Wedding cakes: Celebrate your wedding with a delicious and designed cake. Make your memories with Pozo’s most amazing cakes. If you stay away and are missing someone you love then send them a beautiful cake and make them realize your presence at their wedding. We have a variety of designer cakes that can be sent by you to the wedding as a gift. Order a cake sitting at a distance and make their wedding memories more special.
  • Apologies cake: If you want to say sorry to someone then a simple sorry note is not enough, send them a pretty looking and good tasting cake along with the note. This is the best way to make your apologies. We have a variety of cakes that you can send the person to apologize to them for some mistake you have done. Order an online cake from us and make your delivery anywhere in Tricity and spread happiness among people.

Order Cakes Online for All Your Relatives and Friends

A surprise gift always adds up a great memory especially when it comes from the people you love the most. Making others happy always gives a special feeling of satisfaction and that’s why you should not at all leave any opportunity to impress and make others happy. For example, if your boyfriend stays in some distant land and you have a long-distance relationship, you can go for a special cake, lavish party cake to celebrate his recent promotion. To wish your grandparents on their anniversary, send a lovely designer anniversary cake. Similarly, for your distant relative in Chandigarh, get online cake delivery in Tricity after reviewing our stock of wonderful cakes.

Find online cake for different occasion

Our country is full of festivals and celebrations, be it New Year, Lohri, republic day, Baisakhi, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Holi, Friendship Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Dusshera, Birthdays, Anniversary, and whatnot. We need a reason to celebrate and without an amazing cake dessert, the celebration is incomplete. Just look at this special occasion you and your friends often celebrate and make an order of the specific occasion cake to make your celebration. For birthdays we have a special birthday cake that will be loved by kids as well as people of age group. We also have an anniversary cake in heart shape and also with a photograph of the couple. We also have designer cakes perfect for your loved ones. If you also have a tradition of cutting the cake at festivals then we are just the perfect place for you. You can easily find the best-designed cakes perfect for every festival. You can send the cake to the people who live away from you to make them feel special at the festivals. If you want to impress someone on Valentine’s Day then we have beautiful cakes that you can send to someone special.

Order cakes of your choice

Some people are vegetarian and prefer having an eggless cake for their celebration but some people think that cakes with eggs are more delicious. We have all kinds of cake for everyone’s demand, starting from eggless cake to cakes made with eggs; we also have gluten-free cakes. So order online and send whichever cake you want to send your family or friends on their special day to make them feel their importance in your life. Pozo will make sure that we will only make the cake you have an order, our team has never and will never mix up the order.

Customize your cake delivery

We have the best customizable cakes that we deliver in the Tricity at your doorsteps. If you have to get your cake customized then this is the best option, just order from and customize your cake. Whether is it a birthday or Valentine’s Day or anniversary or even you want to say sorry or love you to someone we will put any message on the cake you want.

Eggless cakes are cakes that are made without using eggs as one of their ingredients. Instead of egg milk and cream are used to make the cake. They are not different from the other egg cake they taste the same and have the same consistency and taste. It is believed that eggless cakes are less fluffy than cakes with eggs but that is a myth, eggless cakes are equally good and delicious.

Egg cakes are the cakes that use egg as an ingredient in baking. These cakes are deliciously fluffy and have a slightly different texture from the eggless cake.

Gluten free cakes are best for people who are allergic to gluten or don’t want to consume products that have gluten in them. We do not use any such product that has slight gluten content in them.

Safe order and delivery

Online orders can be quite doubtful, but not with Pozo. We assure you a safe and appropriate delivery; our cakes will not disappoint you. We have various discounts that keep on running in our bakery to make you excited to order more and more cakes from our site. When it comes to delivery we assure you of the best delivery services that will amaze you. So just make your online order now and deliver happiness at someone’s doorsteps.