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Healthy Gluten Free Walnut Dry Cake


Product Details

• Cake Flavor- Chocolate walnut
• Version- Gluten-free
• Cake type- Dry
• Weight- Half Kg
• Shape- Round
• Serves- 4-6 People
• Size- 6 inches in Diameter

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A Healthy Gluten Free Walnut Dry Cake is perfect for


• On the celebration of special days
• Old Couples to celebrate their anniversary.
• Your Beloved on special Valentine’s Day
• And for the entire walnut cake lover.


Delivery instructions


• We are open for delivery from 9 am to 9 pm
• We have our delivery boys, who will deliver your cake in the estimated time. In certain scenarios, your delivery might be delayed from the estimated time because of some natural factors like heavy traffic and bad weather conditions. We request you to bear with us in such cases.
• The delivery time estimation depends upon the availability of the cake you have ordered and the distance to the destination.
• Our boy will deliver your cake in person and it will not be sent by any courier services.
• We might send you an alternate flavor of cake just because of the unavailability of the specific flavor you ordered. This is a rare case situation and is not commonly done.


Care instructions


• Your dry cake can be stored at room temperature as well as in cold temperatures.
• Do not shake or squeeze the cake box from any side when you receive it.
• Keep your cake in the upright position to avoid dismantling the cake.
• Don’t expose your dry cake to direct sunlight.
• Cut and serve your cake at room temperature.
• Your walnut dry cake can be cut using a normal knife
• Consume the cake within 24 hours and if there are any leftovers then cover them with the kitchen plastic wrap and store them in the refrigerator.
• Enjoy your freshly baked Healthy Gluten-Free Walnut Dry Cake




• Your cake will get packed in a cardboard box and will be delivered to your destination.
• No plastic knife and candles are included with the delivery box.
• No decoration item or cake stand will be delivered with the cake. They are just shown for the presentation purpose in the picture.
• We will only deliver the freshly baked cake.


Hygienic precautions


• We have taken all the necessary precautions to maintain cleanness and hygiene in our bakery.
• Our workers are not allowed to enter without gloves and a toque.
• We have followed all the government given norms for the protection from COVID-19.
• We keep a regular check on all of our employees for their COVID report and only people with negative reports are allowed to work in the bakery.
• The entire baking cutlery used by us is properly sanitized to avoid the spread of any kind of infection as well as to maintain hygiene.
• We only use good quality material in our bakery to make a perfect, healthy cake for your celebration.
• Our well-equipped bakery along with our professional bakers is good enough to bake and deliver a delicious cake baked just for you.


Are you a walnut cake lover but at the same time is health conscious then, Healthy Gluten Free Walnut Dry Cake is the best option for you. A cake with the richness of walnuts and without gluten will give you a blast of flavors in your mouth. So don’t wait more just order the best Healthy Gluten-Free Walnut Dry Cake from our bakery in Tricity. Enjoy your Healthy Gluten-Free Walnut Dry Cake!!


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