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Vanilla Cake


Product Details:

  • Cake Flavor- Vanilla
  • Cake type- Vanilla cream
  • Weight- Half Kg / 1Kg
  • Shape- Round
  • Serves- 4-6 People
  • Size- 6 inches in Diameter
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Enjoy your birthdays and anniversaries with vanilla cakes

This makes a perfect gift for

  •  Mostly family groups and ties like cake handicrafts for celebrating their important and memorable days.
  • Vanilla cake absolutely makes a wonderful gift for friends and their extended families too.
  • Birthdays, anniversaries and even special days of relatives could be made extraordinary with vanilla cake
  • If you feel gushes of love and pangs of care, you could also gift a vanilla cake for your loved one on Valentine’s Day.

Delivery instructions

  • The delivery time of the cake clearly works on the amount of stock we have. The ordered cake delivery
    depends also on the distance which our delivery boy has to travel to reach up to receiver.
  • The delivery time can be different due to certain natural conditions like traffic or some uncertain seasonal
    conditions. We will try our best to make delivery on time, but kindly check with us for on-time delivery.
  • The cake will be delivered at your doorsteps in person and will not be sent by any courier delivery service.
  • It might happen that often a substitute flavor or design can be delivered by you. This usually happens in
    rare cases, when due to some reasons we are short of flavors ordered by you.

Care instructions:

  • Store your cream cake in your refrigerator and your favorite cake in an air-conditioned room.
  • Cake can be cut and served at normal room temperature.
  • A favorite cake is cut using a notched knife and cream cake is cut using a normal knife.
  • If you have ordered a cake that has decorations, wires, toothpicks or wooden skewers may be used to
    give support to the attachment and other decorative elements.
  • Please be careful of them while cutting and serving the cake especially to your kids.
  • Our cakes are freshly baked. So it is recommended to finish the cake within 24 hours and do not store it
    for a longer period.
  • And please enjoy your cake, especially as it is primarily made to add up a little extra happiness for your celebrations.


  • As a cake is a perishable item, we encourage you to consume it within 2-3 days of ordering.
  •  Most importantly the vanilla cake item and other surplus things as a special candle and knife are wrapped
    always complementary with a cake order.
  • We will only deliver the cakes which are made freshly, for providing quality food services. We, some time,
    also provide soft drinks with cake orders, especially for clients wishing some good beverage experience
    with a bakery treat!

Hygienic precautions

  • As responsible bakers, we take all the necessary precautions that maintain cleanliness and hygiene in our
  • Wearing of gloves and mask is necessary to ensure clean baking.
  • Our chefs and workers are COVID-19 tested and are only permitted to enter the premises with a negative
    test report.
  • We have proper sterilized equipments in our bakery to make sure that there is no chance of spread of any
    kind of infection.
  • We use the good quality and fresh food products required to bake a healthy and delicious cake with
    mouth-full of flavors.
  • Our well-equipped bakery and professional bakers are good enough to bake and deliver a delicious and
    hygienically baked cake just for you.

So why wait for placing an order? Just grab a phone and book a wow vanilla cake, as it is one of the cakes which
experience a lot of popularity in the bakery industry. Most of the restaurant and hotel managers recommend it
while organizing an event for their clients too.

Vanilla is one extracted form of ice-cream varieties and so kids also enjoy vanilla cakes mostly on their birthdays.
So we never compromise on the quality of cakes we make. We always deliver amazingly yummy vanilla cakes in
the Tricity sub-areas.

We try to deliver the best designs and flavors in vanilla cake category too for charming up that celebration mood of
yours for your mega happy days.

So please order your fondant flavored and baked vanilla cakes now with us and enjoy our bakery services..!


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