Amazing Black Forest Cake


Product Details:

  •  Cake Flavor- Amazing black forest
  • Cake type- Dark chocolate cream
  • Weight- Half Kg / 1Kg
  • Shape- Round
  • Serves- 4-6 People
  • Size- 6 inches in Diameter
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Gift Amazing Black Forest Cake To Your Near And Dear Ones

This makes a perfect gift for

  • Cakes make memories scintillating and their sweet taste make us feel like celebrating every moment.
  • This amazing black forest cake can surely celebrate and redefine relations.
  • Birthdays of relatives could be made special with amazing black forest cake gifts.
  •  You can now make a perfect gift choice with us for your loved ones.

Delivery instructions

  •  When we talk about time and distance to be taken for delivery of our cake items, we make sure that the
    receiver is informed beforehand and the delivery is well managed by delivery web trackers of our
  • The delivery time could vary due to various practical conditions, such as traffic congestion or change of
    the address or change of time of delivery by the sender.
  • One could book online too with us to book an order and get chat options with our management team to
    discuss and place the order.
  • You can choose various types of designs online on our website and let our team assist you to make an
    order. We will make sure that the order is delivered as per your custom choice too.

Care instructions:

  • Once the ordered amazing black forest cake reaches your door-step, you can retain its life for a couple of
    days to a week. You can do this by keeping the cake in your refrigerator.
  • The cake can be sliced and popped up with a soft drink to enjoy at your special occasion.
  • A favorite cake is cut using a notched knife and cream cake is cut using a normal knife.
  •  The cake could be served at room temperature so that the fast paced life does not affect special moments
    after you keep it in an air-conditioned room too.
  • Kindly serve the cake to your family by keeping caution around your kids while cutting the cake with the
  • Once you receive the order, kindly rate about our services so that we could improvise wherever required
    for a good customer-friendly experience.
  • And please enjoy your cake, especially as it is primarily made to add up a little extra happiness for your
  • Kindly call us in case you need any assistance to know about the way to preserve your order and keep
    your cake in a good shape till your party or happy moment begins.


  • The cake gift box will be mouthwatering and it could be delivered same day too within Tricity.
  • You only need to place an order approximately a few hours before you need the cake order to be
  • Most importantly the amazing black forest cake item and other decorative pieces shown in the picture are
    just for the presentation and they might not be delivered along with the cake.
  • There can be classic and varied designs of cakes.
  • We offer both egg and eggless cakes with varied essences, such as choco one here for Amazing Black
    Forest Cake.
  •  We can make customized named and occasions’ wise cakes to be delivered for occasions like Mother’s

Hygienic precautions

  •  As a responsible bakery industry’s company, we take all necessary precautions which maintain cleanliness
    and hygiene in our bakery compartments.
  • When we wear gloves and masks, we make sure to create a safe baking experience with our team.
  • The chefs and employees working with us are all the ones who have got their COVID-19 test done and
    have taken their double dose of injections for safety of health measures.
  • We have proper sterilized equipments in our bakery to make sure that there is no chance of spread of any
    kind of infection.
  • We use the good quality and premium food products required to bake a healthy and delicious cake with mouthwatering flavors.
  • Our well-equipped bakery and professional bakers are good enough to bake and deliver a delicious and hygienically baked cake just for our clients.

Now it is the time to choose the best options from the amazing black forest cake designs and carve out a best
order customization with us to surprise your loved ones and also for delivering delicious and awesome cakes in the
Tricity areas.

We will deliver the best flavors to add up that melody to your celebration.
Kindly order your favorite flavored baked cakes now..!



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