Chocolate Cake


Product Details:

  • Cake Flavor- Chocolate Cake
  • Cake type- Chocolate cream
  • Weight- Half Kg / 1Kg
  • Shape- Round
  • Serves- 4-6 People
  • Size- 6 inches in Diameter
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Chocolate Cake For All Occasions As Gift Of Love And Care

This makes a perfect gift for

    • For an enchanting and distinctive experience, we need to celebrate with wonderful cake gifts. We thus,
      help to make special occasions lovely with delicious chocolate cake.
    • This chocolate exotic cake could make many best days of our loved ones worth-remembering. These may include Father’s Day and Mother’s Day.
    • Birthdays of clan or near ones could be made special with cake gifts.
    • Some special professional occasions, such as organization days, could also be made special with our awesome chocolate cake gifts.

Delivery instructions

    • The delivery of the order placed could be made special with proper mentioning of the sender’s name and
      a special note if required ever.
    • Once you deliver, we focus on the instructions and we encourage you to kindly cooperate with us in case of any changes required.
    • The time and distance of the receiver can be managed with our online tracker. It helps the customer to track the order and get a timely delivery.
    • We focus on providing the delivery experience as a valuable experience by enabling an effort-less and on-time delivery.
    • We also provide a good platter for assisting you to enjoy a good base for your chocolate cake designs. It helps us to give you a well-placed gift box kind feel. This enables you to make a safe unpacking experience.

Care instructions:

    • First of all, it is important to notice that the frosting of the cake can be preserved from melting, if the cake is kept in the refrigerator.
    • You could cover the cake and keep it for use for around 3 days perfectly if you place it in a cool place. This may mean that you can use the cake perfectly if kept in an air-conditioned room too.
    • A fondant cake is cut using a sharp knife and cream cake is cut using a normal knife.
    • If you do not have a bowl to carry the cake, you could still use the paper platter. It is used as a basic plate style for giving an even shape to keep the structure of the cake stand still. These days, we only provide the paper platter to make it a comfortable packing for our clients.
    • Generally, we buy cakes for our kids’ birthdays and such affairs require a precaution while cutting the cake. This helps us to enjoy the occasions like a cherry on the cake!
    • Our cakes are freshly baked. So it is recommended to finish the cake within 24 hours and do not store it for a longer period.
    • And please enjoy your cake, especially as it is specially made to add up a little extra cheering up to your celebrations.


    • We ensure to delivery only freshly made cakes, in order to retain our quality services.
    • We try to patch-up the experience by providing candles and matching colorful knives too. You could order more than the basic candle or knife provided too.
    • We try to make the gift wrapping job for the cake deliveries perfect too. So in case, you wish to make any special wrapping order too for customized booking, we are up for it too.
    • There is quality assurance from us and we encourage you to have a fine dining affair with our special black forest cake deliveries.

Hygienic precautions

    • In COVID-19, we bakers have also taken steps to keep ourselves corona virus free. We and our staff have
      undergone corona tests and got negative reports. We also use one time usable gloves to ensure quality
      baking experience.
    • Our chefs and workers are COVID-19 tested and are only permitted to enter the premises with a negative test report.
    • Our chefs and other employees have taken double dose of corona vaccine. So we allow only safe work environment in the ongoing scenario of COVID-19 pandemic.
    • We have proper equipments in our bakery to make sure that there is no chance of spread of any kind of infection in the baked items.
    • We use the good quality and fresh food products required to bake a healthy and delicious cake with mouth-full of flavors.
    • Our well-equipped bakery and professional bakers are good enough to bake and deliver a delicious and hygienically baked cake just for you.

Now it’s time to choose the best flavored cake, chocolate cake is the one which experiences the maximum sale in
the bakery field. We will never compromise on the flavor as we deliver amazingly delicious cake in the Tricity.

We will deliver the best flavors to add up that sweetness to your celebration.
Order your favorite flavored baked cake now.


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